Our range of business services

For my strategy

  • I want to integrate a positive energy policy into my CSR / RSA report.
  • I want to respect ESG criteria.
  • I want to improve my carbon footprint and green my business.
  • I want to reduce my energy dependence.

For my operational needs

  • I want the engineering of my project, the research, setting up and monitoring financing.
  • I want the identification of the energy potential of my company.
  • I want the promotion of energy innovation in the promotion of my industrial strategy.
  • I want support for consultation and decision support.
Audit offer / Potential positive energies
Assessment of energy potentials within the company
Option / Audit and advice on the use of the product as an input or as a depolluting agent
Option / Support for the greening of the company's energy policy (ESG criterion and CSR / RSA policy)
Integration offer / The production of positive energies
AMO for the construction of a green gas production site
Analysis offer & solutions / Positive energy solutions
Detailed analysis of the energy source and proposal of solutions on optimizing the use of energy potential / search for the most suitable technology
Option / Identification of potential stakeholders for an energy ecosystem solution
Option / Support in setting up and financial monitoring of the operation, of its efficiency and profitability / grant research, public and private partnerships
Option / Technical evaluation of the biogas solution from selected biomass-waste / studies, gas tests and analyzes