Our range of services to communities

For my territory and my constituents

  • I want to take part in the ecological transition.
  • I want to clean up a site.
  • I want to create lasting jobs.
  • I want to improve my carbon footprint.
  • I want to attract private investors.
  • I want to strengthen my energy autonomy.

I am a local authority

I already have a plan, but i need help

  • For the engineering of my project, the research, setting up and monitoring financing.
  • For the identification of the energy potential of my territory.
  • For energy recovery in the promotion of my community.
  • To support the consultation of stakeholders.
Offer 1 – Energy potential valuation audit
Phase 1 / Evaluation of energy potential
Phase 2 / Detailed analysis of the energy source and proposal of positive energy solutions
Phase 3 / Technical evaluation of the positive energy solution adopted
Option / Audit of the needs and potential uses of positive energy in the territory
Option / Audit and advice on the use of biomass as inputs or as a depolluting agent
Option / Identification of potential stakeholders for an energy ecosystem solution
Offer 2 – Establishment of a Qairos Energies ecosystem
Phase 1 / Audit of hydrogen needs and potential uses, methane and CO2 on the territory / identification of land for the site
of production / identification of inputs
Phase 2 / Support in setting up and monitoring a production site financing plan / search for investors
private sector and promotion of the territory / support for consultation with stakeholders and populations
Phase 3 / Site integration / technical and industrial design of a biogas production site / design of an agricultural biomass production ecosystem, then production and distribution of biogas / monitoring of the project management during the construction of the site
Option / Advice on setting up a multi-service station