Our convictions

The generation of methane and hydrogen from biomass represents a real upheaval in the energy and transport sector. It is now within our reach thanks to advanced technologies. And there is no doubt that the availability of these clean energies, abundant, cheap and local will dramatically change our way of life, as well as our way of getting around.

But there is also a risk that these advances will be confiscated.. It is possible that the old circuits of energy production refuse to evolve and hinder the development of a new economy. One could even imagine a certain deviation, when new operators want to sell so-called clean energy, while it will have a carbon footprint to be generated, like gray hydrogen.

This is not what we imagine.

Generate energy on the model of the bioeconomy

Succinctly, the bioeconomy is all the activities using biomass in their industrial process, including energy production. It is to base an activity exclusively on resources renewable.

For us, this is clearly what is at stake in this revolution in the energy sector. And the opportunities offered by valuation of biomass must imperatively be used to change our economic model supply, of energy creation and consumption.

Indeed, biomass is available everywhere in our territory, unlike fossil fuels. Supply lines no longer require complex logistics, expensive and sometimes dependent on geopolitical factors.

Generate energy according to the circular economy model

If supply lines are no longer an imperative for energy production, centralization of this same production is no longer necessary. Large transnational facilities (refineries, terminals, distribution networks) simply become useless.

Instead of, we imagine small production units that will appear all over our soil, each with its specificities. The possible of biomass energies, it is a model based on the circular economy, duplicable in all campaigns, respecting each time the ecological particularities, social and economic.

Energy at human height, ultimately.