Our mission

A new industrial revolution is underway in the field of energy. Technologies for the green production of methane and hydrogen are mature and are starting to be deployed. Hydrogen, above all, represents a paradigm shift. The industrialization of the means of generating this energy vector will have major repercussions on our way of life.

At Qairos Energies, however, we believe that this tremendous opportunity should not be limited to offering an alternative to fossil fuels, keeping the same manufacturing and distribution models.

On the contrary, we believe that these new energies should help liberate people and territories., by redrawing the balance of power.

Our approach is driven by two convictions.

Produce clean energy, abundant and inexpensive

One of the great achievements of man has been the domestication of the horse, because his need to move is vital. The Ford T was invented for the same reason. A century later, we measure the extent of the damage inflicted on our planet, but we still do not manage to leave our car in the garage.

A conclusion is self-evident : we will not be able to reasonably solve environmental problems by limiting the basic need to move.

On the other hand, at Qairos Energies, we are working with all our strength to make these trips clean. This is one of the promises of hydrogen and the fuel cell, first industrial application for mobility. Vehicles equipped with this type of engine emit no CO2 nor any particle. The only condition to be met to achieve this result is to also generate this hydrogen without pollution..

Our solutions are based on the recovery of biomass. This term refers to all agricultural waste that will undergo a specific process in order to extract biogas : methane and hydrogen.

This biomass is available everywhere, and the industrialization of the biogas generation process makes it possible to obtain an attractive pump price for the end consumer.

Allow the energy independence of territories and countryside

Qairos Energies offers a process for generating energy from the resources available in the territories and the countryside. This energy is consumed near the production unit according to the principle of the circular economy.

The originality of our approach lies in the way of producing this energy. Each energy production unit mainly generates two resources : methane and hydrogen, regardless of the location. But each unit uses different biomass depending on the resources available locally and the way in which nearby economic actors can be mobilized..

In other words, Qairos Energies offers for each site installation a natural integration that respects local socio-economic ecosystems.

The exact opposite of fossil fuels, the production of which, transport and consumption pose economic problems, political and ecological.

It is also a different approach in the production of methane and gray hydrogen, when produced without taking into account the origin of the biomass used, or inputs of fossil fuels to generate them.

Qairos Energies thus wishes to contribute to the energy independence of France and reduce its dependence on countries producing fossil fuels. Qairos Energies also wants to support the territories and the countryside on this path, which here have a unique opportunity to become master of their energy destiny..