Who are we ?

The team

Jean Foyer, president and founder, member of the strategic committee

So engineer in an automotive sector in crisis, Jean wondered about the mobility of tomorrow, including hydrogen vehicles. After studying the innovative practices that work in our European neighbors, Jean decided to build an industrial model of green energy production from the gasification of agricultural biomass, including biogas (methane and hydrogen) and heat. Its ambition is to reliably and locally supply the territories in France, and especially rural areas and their inhabitants, impoverished by their growing oil needs for their motorized journeys. Thanks to his entrepreneurial spirit and perseverance, Jean was able to convince public and private actors to get involved in the Qairos Energies project to produce the green and local energies of tomorrow.

What he does for Qairos Energies

  • Experience of 10 years in the automotive and mobility industry,
  • Industrial Process Engineering and Engineering,
  • Industrial management,
  • Professional know-how in an international and multicultural universe (trilingual FR GB, FROM),
  • Networks: media, economic, industrial, academics and politicians.

Kevin Collet, associate administrative director

After international experience in the management of information systems, Kévin joined Qairos Énergies to take charge of support functions and implement the policy of services associated with energy production. Its mission is central, because it is the interface between farmers who produce biomass, providers, customers on one side and production units on the other. As an engineer in economics, he is interested in the development of a profitable and humanistic system in the circular economy.

What he does for Qairos Energies

  • Know-how in entrepreneurship,
  • Experience in the consulting and service sector, 
  • Business Management (Commercial, Purchases, Negotiations),
  • HR and Recruitment,
  • Knowledge of the challenges of the territories.

Thomas de Formigny, operational manager

Engineer by training, Thomas has expertise in the field of industrial construction projects. After 10 years of professional experience in energy (coal, fuel and nuclear), he shows a great interest in the challenges of this rapidly changing sector. The Qairos Energies project therefore brings together for Thomas, Norman farmer's son, all the components of an energy company for which he wanted to invest as an operational director.

What he does for Qairos Energies

  • Precise knowledge of the agricultural world and its techniques;
  • Equipment design expertise;
  • Experience in setting up industrial partnerships ;
  • Ability to find efficient technical and economic solutions.

Amandine Cadiau, research and development director

Doctor of Materials Chemistry, Amandine is the technical expert of Qairos Energies. Research and Development Director, it is also responsible for adapting the industrial gasification process to the specificities of agricultural biomass.

What she does for Qairos Energies

  • More 10 years of research experience ;
  • Process security ;
  • Choice of suppliers and industrialization of the site ;
  • Reliability of the Qairos Energies process ;
  • Technological foresight ;
  • Responsibility of the laboratory.

Aurélie Péan, quality and projects manager

After 12 years of experience in the automotive and aeronautic industry, Aurélie Péan is the quality and projects manager. Among other things, she will pilot the risk analysis for Qairos Energies and the links with the accreditors.

What she does for Qairos Energies

  • 12 years of experience in the automotive and aeronautic industry ;
  • Risk analysis for Qairos Energies ;
  • Link with accreditors ;
  • Securing the schedule.

The strategic committee

Yves de la Fouchardière, Managing Director of Fermiers de Loué, Chairman of the MSB Supervisory Board

Yves de la Fouchardière represents more than 1 000 poultry farmers within the Fermiers de Loué. First food brand with a positive energy balance in electricity, thanks to its photovoltaic panels and wind turbines, the cooperative wanted to get involved in a local agricultural hydrogen production project. Member of the strategic committee of Qairos Energies, Yves de la Fouchardière sheds light on economic issues, agricultural, industrialists and regional policies. He supports Qairos Energies in its dealings with farmers and breeders, key partners in the production of green gas using agricultural biomass.

Michael Scherpe, President of SEME, President of the French representation of the Frankfurt fairs and the Chinese Chic salon, Chairman Emeritus of Messe Frankfurt France and Texworld, Business Angel and co-founder of many Start-Ups

Michael Scherpe, entrepreneur for several decades, has a global vision of the energy markets in Europe. He firmly believes that hydrogen will play a major role in the economic development of our societies in 50 coming years, and that the energy transition has started. His knowledge of the business world and the industry sector facilitates Qairos Energies's trade.

Pascal Martin-Lalande, Entrepreneur in the luxury industry(ready to wear, haute couture and leather goods), Business Angel

After a long experience as financial and legal director, Pascal Martin-Lalande built, from the takeover of a struggling textile factory in the 1980s, an industrial group in the luxury sector, recognized for its know-how. His group continues to set up factories in France today. Pascal Martin-Lalande is also investing, as a business angel, in promising young companies. It shares with Qairos Énergies a positive vision of producing green hydrogen produced in short circuits and in Sarthe.

Vianney Bellanger, Entrepreneur - Artisan Chocolatier - Chairman of the HVB group and CJD de la Sarthe

Buyer and developer of the family chocolate factory, Vianney Bellanger has a dual experience that he shares within the Qairos Energies strategic committee. Both chemical engineer and entrepreneur, it supports the creation and growth of this new player in the production of green biogas and “zero carbon” mobility. He is convinced that hydrogen is the energy of the future and that we are living the beginnings of a true energy transition. Member of the strategic committee, he is convinced of the validity of the industrial project, that he thinks profitable, sustainable and responsible.

Leonard Prunier – Craftsman butcher – President of Maison Prunier

Léonard Prunier is the head of a family business founded in 1931 in Connerré, which aims to manufacture high-end charcuterie specialties. He got involved with GDL because he deeply believes in the biomass-based green hydrogen project. According to him, hydrogen is truly an energy of the future, especially for vehicles combining decarbonisation, zero emissions and autonomy. With this local project based on biomass, how much more territoriality. As a local entrepreneur, he finds it important to be committed to future projects contributing to the world he dreams of, allowing to take care of our common home.