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17 11 2021 | Biomethane and hydrogen – GRDF is committed to Qairos Energies so that the project of the Sarthe startup enters into experimentation as quickly as possible in Trangé (72). Read the press release.

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Qairos Energies FAQ

You want to know everything about Qairos Energies and its green gas project ?
Here is how to understand everything in exactly seven questions and seven answers.

who ?

Jean Foyer is the president of Qairos Energies.
Jean is an engineer by training, with more than ten years of experience in the automotive industry.
For his project, today it federates a ten investors and the support of many institutional and private partners.

What ?

Qairos Energies is a company of bioeconomy which imagines industrial processes in order to produce, on circular economy and from the biomass, from green gases.
The company focuses on two local energies : the green methane and hydrogen.

Or ?

Biomass is available everywhere and Qairos Energies is already planning the locations of its future production units throughout France.
The pilot site and the research center are installed in Sarthe (72).

When ?

The industrial demonstrator emerges from the ground start 2021.
Commercial activity begins at second semester 2022.

Comment ?

The Qairos Energies process solves four problems major industrialists encountered by energy companies.
Methane and hydrogen from biomass are renewable energies and storable.
The production unit model is duplicable wherever biomass is available.
Green gas production units are adaptable to customer needs.
The co-products are all valued : zero residual waste.

How much ?

By targeting an industrial-scale production unit from the start, Qairos Energies wishes to produce volumes important from cheap green gas.

Why ?

New energies from biomass are a unique opportunity to create a synergy of energies to free us from carbon energies.